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The Binson Collection is not from a flash of inspiration. It is in the endless daily drip that condenses the most essential understanding of things.




In the early 1940s, a teenager named Bingsheng, under the age of 20, began his journey of working life, from simple woodworking to becoming a skilled and excellent carpenter, learning from each other and making progress with wood. He persevered in this matter for a lifetime.At that time, the peasants still kept the traditional way of life of sunrise and sunset, and countless craftsmen worked hard all their lives to accomplish one thing.The intimate and harmonious state between

them and nature endows the most essential emotion of the objects.

In the philosophy of life, the relationship between objects and people is very delicate. People choose objects because of their preferences. Artifacts are constantly adjusted because of the aesthetic changes of the masses. For hundreds of years, the retrospective circulation stems from the iteration of civilization and the upgrade of self-identity. What remains unchanged is that craftsmen always stick to their ingenuity. Contemporary people inherit and recreate craftsmanship, gradually bringing traditional wisdom back to people's lives. For us, the real fashion in today's era is no longer the empty and beautiful appearance driven by the trend, but the extraordinary reproduction in the return to the ordinary.

Since 2013, DEFRONT has been focusing on the research and innovation of traditional Chinese handicraft. Today The Binson Collection continues to pay tribute to the craftsmen, paying more attention to the nature of nature, injecting new vitality into the ancient handicraft, and providing people with durable, emotional and aesthetic daily things.

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