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Bamboo purify set

Bamboo, with its fast growth and short cycle, is widely distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and is an excellent renewable resource. More than two thousand years ago, the ancients burned bamboo into charcoal through kiln building and cutting, which played a more important role.

Bamboo charcoal is a natural material with many small pores and strong adsorption. Bingsheng Tangkou Designer hopes to inherit the wisdom of our ancestors, to maximize the excellent function of bamboo charcoal, and upgrade the details of the traditional processed charcoal. Degradable environmental fibers wrap carbon, the whole process of use will be cleaner; non-toxic and tasteless bamboo charcoal in daily life can absorb indoor formaldehyde, humidify and deodorize, in order to match the use habits of the family, the charcoal bag is specially equipped with a removable Leather Sling rope, in order to meet more space needs; the setting of date numbers on the rope can help daily life. The need to adjust and record the needs of life, memory each time the use of time, so that the complex life is also organized.

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After the rope is dismantled, the carbon pack can also be placed in rice. When cooking rice, bamboo charcoal can absorb agricultural residues and release abundant natural minerals to make the taste of rice more flavor. It can also be put into drinking water to play the role of regulating acid-base balance and so on. In addition, we also have a separate carbon replacement kit to keep the best use effect.

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