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Brand Design for  Codingland

Client:                              Codingland

Location:                         Beijing

Year of Design:               2018-2019

Current Condition:          Published

Team:                              Jingzi, Danyang, Yiwen, Jixian


Codingland is a pre-school  STEAM education programme, that engages children in the creative learning experience with simple science and technology knowledges, as well as basic coding principles. The founder of Codingland  graduates from MIT, where he started the programme in collaboration with MIT media lab 'Lifelong Kindergarten' Research Group. 

The ultimate goal for Codingland is " Foster Future Inventors", with its curriculum designed under the help with both media lab, and professional teaching group in Chinese market.  Thus, the whole brand design follows five key points: " Future " "Coding" " Inventiveness" and "Internationalization".

codingland final logo.jpg
005 拷贝l(1).jpg
99b45170739771.5bad1f732d357 拷贝(1).jpg

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