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' Design Shanghai '    -  2019.3.6-3.9 (Shanghai, China)

' ShengZhen Design Week '  -   2019.3.19-3.22 (Shengzhen, China)


' Design of Designers '    -  2019.9.9-9.12 (Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center, China)

' Design Shanghai '  -   2020.3.6-3.9 (Shanghai, China)


TRIPLE-X is a newly released ‘suspended control scent diffuser’ by DEFRONT in 2019. Similar to previous design works, TRIPLE-X simplifies complex data and functions, connects product with user by enhancing multi-sensory experience.


The bottle top of diffuser is designed as a suspended controller spontaneously with a hidden magnet sensor in it. When using TRIPLE-X, one needs to place bottle top in the circular area next to fan, and gradually adjusting the angel to control fan speed. Regarding of different conditions, the speed of fan and quantity of oil are both controllable. The device will be stopped by simply placing back bottle top.


With reconstructed simple process, TRIPLE-X perfectly balances data, function and experience.

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