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Experience design for Bentley V8 Launch Party

Client:                              Bentley

Location:                         Hampshire, UK

Year of Design:               2015

Current Condition:          Built

Team:                              Danyang, Fernando


For the launch of new GT V8 S, Bentley threw a party for its VIP customers in Hampshire, UK.  Designers were asked to provide immersive experience for the invited guests. The event location was inside a midcentury windtunnel at the Farnborough airbase, in order to tell the story that Bentley car carries one of the  best power engines in the world. 



" Alcohol " as essential part of night party, become core element of the whole experience. Besides  interior setting and visual design, drinking experience was redesigned simultaneously. The specially remixed cocktail (strong and bit flavor) was injected into sugar capsule. Guest had the option of taking them as a shot or to drop them into a cocktail glass and wait for them to dissolve and release the liquor. The sweetness of sugar would balance out the bit flavor of alcohol. 


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