Markor Investment Group


The Markor Group has been committed to CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects such as traditional craft revival, rural aesthetic education, handcraft reconstruction for over 10 years.  DEFRONT was invited to participate its 10th anniversary special project based on ancient woven technique from Tongdao County, Hunan.



'The Upward Spiral' exhibition was aiming for delivering muti-dimensional value in modern design. The exhibition invited 24 representative global designers from three parts: process inheritance, technological application and innovative concept. LUMIA, the interactive lighting designed by DEFRONT, was selected to exhibit in science and technology section.



As winner of the " Best Chinese Emerging Designer " for year 2018, DEFRONT was invited as speaker in Design Shanghai Forum with the topic of "The fusion of modern Chinese design". Jingzi, the founder of DEFRONT brand, stated that " DEFRONT would carry on sharing their vision on "immersive experience" and "story-telling products" through design works. 

Innovation award at DOD


During the 24th China International Furniture Expo,  DEFRONT rewarded as annual China Furniture Product Innovation Award. The rewarded design work--LUMIA lighting has gained unanimous recognition by judges due to its balance among design appearance, product function and user behaviour.

'Future of Design' Talk at

Serpentine Pavilion Beijing


DEFRONT designer-Jingzi, curator of Serpentine Gallery-Kay Watson, artist Nabuqi and chief editor of AD magazine-Xu were invited to design forum of Serpentine Pavilion Beijing on the topic of "Exploring the Future: Design and Objects". The forum is to discuss how could artist and designer understand and embrace new elements in this digital and information era. 

Rewarded as '2018 BEST CHINESE



Each year, Design Shanghai would select and promote 10 talent young Chinese designers with the the help of leading design magazine AD. Among them, they would choose best emerging designer with design competition under same topic. It was quite an honour that DEFRONT won '2018 Best Emerging Designer' with its entry work HEI experience teapot, and its wining work LUMIA interactive lighting.

Show at '2018 MAISON & OBJET' 


Group Exhibition " New Horizon" was organised by China Design Center, to represent Chinese modern design for 2018 Maison & Object in Paris. DEFRONT has released five limited colours of HEI experience teapot especially for the show. The five colours are remixed by natural ore with help of craftsmen.

Vanke Design Talk


Invited by top real estate group -- Vanke, designers from DEFRONT delivered a talk with young entrepreneurs and designers on the topic of " transforming design techniques in diversified commercial  fields ".  Designers from DEFRONT shared experience on different client  projects with other invited guest speakers.