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' 2018 Best Chinese Emerging Designer '  -  by AD magazine and media 10

' China Furniture Product Innovation Awards 2018 '    -  by China International Furniture Association

' TOP 100 Design Pieces 2018 '    -  by Design Power 100

' ICONIC AWARD 2018 '    -  by German Design Award

When night began, the world gradually became noisy. The streets of the city are full of lights and cars. We just want to enjoy some happiness and quietness in our own space. With the touch of a switch, the soothing and soft light gradually returns to the most familiar brightness. Dark nights are lit and soft and comfortable moods invade the body. The scene in front of me is comparable to the moonlight on the Kanas Lake. Light up LUMIA - the crystallization of the art of light and life, and enjoy the ultimate relaxation of vision and mind.


LUMIA is a luminaire based on experience design that reconstructs the relationship between people and objects, allowing users to experience the influence of light on space under different usage requirements, and exploring the relationship between space and objects. DEFRONT aims to describe this function in a very direct and simple way. LUMIA allows users to precisely define their individualized interior lighting to make lighting more interactive and convenient.

The lamp in the traditional sense is a medium between us and light. Its main function is to transmit light. Based on this, LUMIA has made some particularly interesting new trials. LUMIA not only interacts with us through traditional switching methods, but also has the flexibility of memory and customization of multiple usage states.


The distinctive LUMIA has three usage patterns, which can be used as three common modes for desk lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps, respectively. This function breaks through the shortcomings of the relatively fixed use space of traditional lamps. LUMIA is easy to move. It can meet the need for functional differences in various use scenarios by replacing the brackets. Users can accurately define their personalized indoor lighting, so that It creates more light and a richer sense of human experience, and it has unlimited possibilities in work and life.

LUMIA can record the final state before each turn off. When there is no next touch switch to turn on the light, the lever will slowly rotate to the memory position, and the light will change evenly and soothingly to achieve the best use of the user. 

In the production process, LUMIA uses Fresnel lenses in particular so that it can evenly spread or transmit light in an even soft manner. The user can adjust the illumination range of the LED light to meet the sensory requirements for adjusting the comfort of light. In addition, the appearance of LUMIA will change accordingly when the fixture is adjusted. The simple and regular geometry changes along with the light and diversified and subtle forms.

The entire lamp selected CNC computer numerical control milling processing, all aluminum components are polished through multiple channels, and finally anodized surface treatment, all using imported LED lamp beads, long life, after testing more in line with visual habits.

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