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Visual System for VIP Practice

Client:                              VIP Practice

Location:                         Shanghai 

Year of Design:               2017-2018

Current Condition:          Published

Team:                              Jingzi, Danyang, Yiwen


VIP Practice is leading online music education platform to assist children's instrument lessons, such as piano lessons, violin lessons, accordion lessons, etc. It has become one of the best platforms in the fields of both online education and quality-oriented education in just three years. The team was established in early 2016 with the mission to overturn traditional musical learning process. In late 2018, VIP Practice has been accepted by both musical education market and leading institutional investors. The team successful received 150 million USD round-C investment in November,2018; with total annual revenue of more than 600 billion RMB in 2018. 

D+ was initially invited to join the team with hardware products R&D. Since 2017, D+ helped VIP Practice to establish whole branding system from nothing. The brand is shaping the image of "next generation professional teaching assistance". Thus, research into branding was mainly about delivering best client experience on digital platform, leaving parents impression of professionalism and intimacy, and making children feeling like being cared.

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