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HEI Experience Teaset

' 2018 Best Chinese Emerging Designer '  -  by AD magazine and media 10
' Design Innovation Award 2017 '    - by DIA 
Inspired by the modern fast-working pace and the increasing need of spiritual substance. DEFRONT wish to deliver a design that retrieves an Asian tea ceremony for younger generations. 'HEI' tea set helps reengaging with tradition, and enhancing communication among different cultures. 
This singular tea set can be used to prepare the three types of Chinese tea, namely Green Tea, White Tea, and Floral Tea. An infuser module nestles into the kettle allowing your tea leaves to sit inside and brew the water in the kettle. Integrated into the handle of the infuser lies a thermometer that tells you the temperature of the brew, allowing you to prepare your tea at the exact temperature required by each different type of tea. Once you’re done, pour out your perfectly prepared elixir into the adorable cup that comes along with the tea set and sip away!
HEI experience tea set is made of Yixing clay and 304 stainless steel. DEFRONT choses Yixing clay as the main material for tea set is due to its historical and applicable features. Yixing clay is a traditional Chinese clay first being mined and applied hundreds of years ago. It consists of a variety of mineral compositions to enable a better tea tasting experience. The unglazed surfaces of Yixing Clay absorb traces of beverage, creating a more complex flavor. The whole set is made without glue by applying threaded connection and magnetic stick.  With the integrated style, HEI could be used easily and immerged smoothly into modern daily life.
DSC_6587 拷贝.jpg
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