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Smart Gym BMI Scale for KDX

Client:                              KDX group

Location:                         Shanghai, China

Year of Design:               2016-2017

Current Condition:          Published, Pre-production

Team:                               Danyang, Jingzi, Liuchang, Zhengliang, Cuixiang

Kangdexin Composite Material Group (KDX) is a material technology firm mainly engaged in development, production and sale of high polymer materials. KDX, listed (stock code: 002450) in Shenzhen enterprise stock market in 2010. In 2017, KDX ranked as the 47th in Top 100 Global Innovators issued by Forbes, and became the global unique material firm with the capability and possibility to raise the next round of innovation change in the world.

This project is to design and develop smart BMI scale for KDX, as the group has aimed for marketshare of smart hardware hand healthcare products. Unlike the current products in market, this BMI scale simplifies user experience and clarify the meaning behind data. The hidden due camera would work with the digital scale, to provide health condition and health plan, by comparing with pre-stalled database. 


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