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IRIS fragrance lighting

The “Vision of Fragrance” series, is a line of fragrance experience products developed by DEFRONT since 2019. The design of this series focuses on multi-sensory experience of fragrance, extending the fragrance experience from pure olfactory experience to more diversified sensory experiences such as vision and touch. The fragrances and essential oils used in this series of products are specially designed by Firmenich, a century-old Swiss fragrance brand.
RORO is the first product to be launched, a decorative diffuser with an innovative hovering lid structure that allows the user to adjust the concentration of the fragrance in the space by simply twisting the lid.
roro factory2.jpg
Roro factory1.jpg
Made from hand-blown glass, the design of RORO is inspired by traditional oriental vessels and expressed through a modern approach. RORO incorporates a patented hovering mechanism into the traditional craftsmanship, allowing for a well balance between traditional techniques and modern lifestyle.
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