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Furniture design for BIK (British International Kindergarten)

Client:                               Orbital Education BIK chongqing

Location:                          Chongqing, China

Year of Design:                2020

Current Condition:           Mass Production

Team:                               Jingzi, Danyang, Xiaowen, Zhandi, Zhengyu


BIK(British International Kindergarten) is an early-stage education brand belongs to British education group -- Orbital.

This project is to design a set of children's furniture for BIK, in collaboration with London-based architect studio F.O.G.. F.O.G describes this project site as a place for playful learning -- a Kindergarten should provide the children with possibilities of connection, communication and interaction, where they can learn from both their educators and their peers. The furniture design follows same concept: chairs are designed with interlocking structure to withstand weight for both children and adults;  bookshelves are designed to be moveable for switching between different rooms. Each piece of the furniture is designed into flat pack for easy on-site construction and cost-saving shipping.


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