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' Design of Designers '  -  2018.9 (Shanghai International Expo Gallery)

' Design Beijing '    -  2018.10 (Beijing, China)

CONGO is a multifunctional utensil for brewing coffee and tea drinks. Based on traditional cold brew products, CONGO will brings users a more immersive and convenient beverage brewing experience.

The design of CONGO is inspired by the users’ inner desire for cool rain in the hot summer, just like the arid African continent is looking forward to a heavy rain during dry season, CONGO is named after this concept. It allows users to switch between two functions: traditional cold brew and instant ice shot, by simply twisting the little ear on CONGO.

CONGO is turned into traditional cold brew mode when twisting the ear to the left side. After adding tea (coffee) up to the guideline which is marked inside the bottle, one need to pour in right amount of cold water and keep it in the refrigerator for 7-10 hours. This low-temperature extraction could reduce chemical substances such as tannic acid, caffeine, etc.; resulting beverage tastes more mellow and sweet.


Compared to traditional cold brew method, ice shot allows users to make variety of cold drinks in a short time. The bottle is switched into instant ice shot mode when twisting ear onto right side. In ice shot mode, hot water will instantly extract essence of tea and coffee in around 5 minutes. When the tea or coffee shot is ready, a specially designed timer inside CONGO will trigger a valve to open, mixing condensed shot with pre-placed ice cubes, fruits, seasonings, or other ingredients. Users could also adjust extraction time (from 1 to 10 mins) according to their own preference on flavor by turning timer on top of bottle. CONGO allows users getting a refreshing summer drink quickly and easily with simple interaction.

CONGO is like a stage where everyone can use it to create own recipe and unique liquid artwork. The brewing experience is creative, simple and having lots of fun.


/ Design Features /

1) Two brewing functions merged into one bottle, suitable for different conditions

2) The guided water-level mark and tea/coffee mark will help users to make best cold brew drinks with minimal skills

3) CONGO is designed fully sealed, easy for storage and take away

4) The size of CONGO is adaptable to most refrigerators

5) The inner structure for tea infuser could be easily reassembled for cleaning



/ Material /

CONGO is made of biodegradable wheat fiber, which is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. The body is made from partial frosted glass with minimal appearance.




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