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Candy Chandelier for Selfridges

Client:                              Selfridges

Location:                         London, UK

Year of Design:               2015

Current Condition:          Built

Team:                              Danyang, Fernando


Selfridges is the second largest shop in the UK with its flagship store on famous Oxford Street in London. Unlike other department stores, Selfridges attached great importance to leading new trends, promoting young designers,  and providing artistic shopping experience. Seasonal window display is essential part of that.

Candy Chandelier is a set of lighting installation made by sugar, as Selfridges invited designers to build installation around the topic of "Food".  The white "mountains" on table were made by condensed white sugar, which reflects colorful lights when window was lighted up. The " Chandelier" on top of the installation were made by colored fructose, to create this magnificent scene.


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