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The bobby project (big data food design for Microsoft)

Client:                              Microsoft Cambridge Research Center

Location:                         Cambridge, UK

Year of Design:               2016

Current Condition:          Built

Team:                              Jingzi, Danyang, Anderson

The Bobby Project video.gif

Each year, external innovation teams would be invited to help Microsoft, to understand new design trends in industries that related to Microsoft's business. To achieve deep-understanding of " Big Data " in social context through design, was the main topic of the year, And the final outcome has to be shown in London Design Week.  Big Data food is one of the directions that Microsoft has been investing into. During research, we realized data in food is only a small affecting factor that would change people's eating habit.  As researchers in Microsoft insist " rapid growth technology has already exceeded human needs", so we decide to engage people into this debate with the design piece.

Main part of Bobby Project was the food balance app, including two database from open API:  nutrition balance data and  flavor paring data created by Heston (Chief of Fat Duck). The paradox of two database would suggest contradictory results on choosing food. At the exhibition, people could also taste the food they chose with app. The ingredients  were made into little bubbles with molecular gastronomy methods.


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